Captain Jeff has been providing adventure based learning experiences for young people for over 30 years.  He holds a Master's 100-ton Merchant Marine License and has logged over 30,000 nautical miles, many of them as offshore solo passages. He holds six scuba certifications and is a PADI dive instructor.  Jeff enjoys backpacking, foreign travel, rock climbing and has jumped out of perfectly good airplanes!  From 1993-1994 Jeff and his wife Liz crossed the Atlantic Ocean to Europe/Africa and back on their 28' sailboat Different Drum.  When not involved in outdoor adventures, Jeff performs classical music, jazz, bluegrass and Celtic with his daughter Jennifer.



Elizabeth Armor has been sailing since the early 90's, has crossed the Atlantic Ocean and made numerous trips to the Bahamas, Chesapeake Bay, and Maine. She holds multiple SCUBA certifications including Cavern. Before meeting her husband Jeff, Liz also jumped out of a perfectly good airplane (with a parachute!), has rock-climbed, backpacked, and traveled through Europe on trains. When not adventuring, Liz teaches MS/HS English. 


 Jennifer Armor's life has been on one continuous adventure since she entered this world in 2002! Growing up on our sailboat Boundless, Jenny's first crib was the bathtub on board and her playground consisted of climbing Boundless' 60' mast and swinging from the top. Through the years Jenny has learned to operate every aspect of Boundless and has become a knowledgeable/dependable First Mate during our trips. She is always excited and welcoming to new groups joining us for a week of adventure. Jenny earned her first scuba certification at age 10 and her Advanced Certification at age 12.  Jenny owns her own 21' sailboat, and she hopes to one day sail solo to the Bahamas and back. Upon turning 18, Jenny solo skydived 3 times completing a lifelong dream.

When not adventuring, Jenny follows her first love, music. Jenny is an accomplished violinist performing solos and recitals regularly. Before college, Jenn played 1st. violin with the Cincinnati Symphony Youth Orchestra, was a member of multiple chamber ensembles and quartets and as well as being a member of the Starling Project at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. Jenny is currently studying violin performance at the Glen Gould School of Music at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, Canada. She also plays Bluegrass and Celtic/Irish fiddle on street-corners for spending money!  Additionally, Jenny loves to sing jazz, performing with her own jazz trio and sitting in with swing bands whenever possible!































Captain and Crew


Alternate/additional crew: DDSA offers internship and gap programs for young people (18 and older) interested in acting as First Mate aboard Boundless for weeks or months at a time.  Often, our alumni return to relive their first experiences on board and to further develop their own leadership and team building skills.  Living on board a 46' ocean going sailboat in the Caribbean for several weeks or months is not a bad way to get some valuable life experience!  Contact us if you think you would like to crew for us!