American Heritage Girls Come sail the Bahamas!

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  An adventure of a lifetime for Pioneers and Patriots...  

Take the wheel, raise the sails and spend a week living aboard the sailing vessel Boundless!

  • Sail to uninhabited islands!

  • Learn to snorkel over tropical coral reefs.

  • Walk miles of empty beaches searching for shells.

  • Enjoy a morning quiet time watching the sun rise over the ocean or an evening Bible study as the sun sets.

  • See more stars at night than you've ever experienced!

  • Eat great food, laugh lots, play, learn, and explore! 


"Thank you for igniting the fire for adventure in my soul! It is imperative that you know that this has 100%, without a doubt, been the best experience of my life." Grace 

  Through the skills introduced throughout the week, you'll   accomplish multiple Badge requirements!  

 Our week-long trip are available anytime from late November through May each year. We don't set a calendar ahead of time, but customize each trip based on the group's availability. Tell us the best time for your Bahamas adventure and we'll make it happen!   

"Wow, what an amazing, life changing and empowering trip this was. I cannot thank you enough for making this a possibility! I never in my life thought I would be able to snorkel in the Bahamas and see countless tropical fish, sting rays, and iguanas!" Carly

  • Group size: Six girls, plus two Troop Leaders.

  • Cost: $975 per girl plus airfare.

  • Girls may sign on from the same Troop or join with Pioneers and Patriots from other Troops. 

  • No previous sailing experience required!

Troop Leaders Details...
  • Step One is always to contact us ASAP about available dates (changes daily!)  and to "pencil" in your trip date with us.  Six months to a year ahead of time is a good time to set dates, but we can often put a trip together for your Troop on shorter notice. 

  • Two Options: You can reserve your personal trip with us with six PiPa's and two Leaders all from your own Troop, or combine with another Troop to meet the required six PiPa's per trip. If you're short the needed six PiPa's, additional adult Troop Leaders may be used in their place.  

  • Due dates for deposits and balances are based on your specific trip dates and will be set up once your trip is scheduled, but are generally setup 90 to 180 days in advance. In order to hold your trip dates for your group, it is highly recommended that applications and deposits ($300 per person) be submitted as soon as your trip dates are scheduled.  We usually can be flexible with balance due dates and can break up balances into multiple payments if that's helpful! 

  • Trip dates: Bahama trips can take place anytime between the end of November through April of each year. Our first trip usually takes place over Thanksgiving (complete with turkey on board!) and the week after Christmas is another popular time. Home-schooled groups have the most date flexibility and can schedule trips during our slower months of January and February. March of 2019 is already fully booked with school trips (spring break times), but April still has weeks available. 

  • Trip costs include all meals and snacks, a bunk aboard Boundless, Bahama cruising fees, educational materials, fuel, laughter, unlimited fun, personal growth, and memories! Airport pickup/drop-off can be arranged for an additional fee. 

  • Multiple Badge requirements may be met during your trip including: Caring for My Environment, Cooking, Sustainable Living, Outdoor Skills, Photography, Boating Safety, Fishing, Swimming, Travel, Fresh Water and Marine Biology, Let's Talk, Young Meteorologist and more!

  • Two Troop Leaders may attend at no cost (just cover your own airfare) with six attending girls! Troop Leaders will be chosen on a first come/first serve basis, must be registered AHG members, must have a current background check, and have KEY's training. The two Troop Leaders chosen may be from the same Troop or come from different Troops. Leaders act as a liaison between DDSA and parents in distributing details, forms, and in making airfare/travel arrangements. 

  Contact us today for applications and details!  

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