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Get outside in 2021!

Ahoy everyone!

Wow, we made it through 2020!!! Last summer, knowing that everyone had been cooped up inside for a few months already, we ran our regular Maine summer sailing adventures and they were a great success! It was easy to do extra, extensive cleaning aboard Boundless before each group arrived and since most of our program is held outside, it wasn't too difficult to maintain some social distancing. And, of course since we sail to mostly uninhabited islands anyway, it was pretty easy to stay away from crowded places! We all had a blast, still hiked islands, saw lighthouses, kayaked with seals, and still had a lobster bake on Boundless! It was a fun summer and I think, as is with most trips, no one wanted it to end... 2021 is now upon us and we're excited to resume our sailing adventures VERY soon! We'll start trips on the Chesapeake Bay in April followed by sailing to NYC and Maine in June. Our Maine trips will run all of July and August. I hope to have A LOT of alumni return :) and meet some new adventurers as well! Get in touch with me as soon as you know you want to do a Chesapeake Bay or Maine sailing adventure as I think it's going to be a busy summer. Hopefully too, places we usually visit such as St. Mary's Historic City in Maryland (Chesapeake trip) and the Maine Maritime Museum will once again be open by the time summer rolls around. The June trip to New York City will still involve taking the train downtown to Times Square, walking and exploring Central Park, and catching any outside events that are always offered in the city. At this point I think Broadway will still be shut down :( but there's a possibility that on the return trip from Maine to Virginia in August, Broadway will be open and if you're on that trip with me, we'll go to a show!!! Ok, stay in touch, respond to this blog, but most importantly plan to be on Boundless sometime this spring or summer! I'd love to see you and do some exploring and adventuring together!!! Best, Capt. Jeff #teachers #boardingschools #homeschool #privateschools #americanheritagegirls #summercamp #adventure


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