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Teacher info and answers to all your questions 

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Under sail!
Question: Why should I come on a DDSA educational sailing adventure?
Answers: 1) Sharing adventures with your students and letting them know you outside the classroom builds bonds and connections not possible in other ways, increasing your effectiveness as an educator.  2) Outdoor education shows students that learning is everywhere they are, not just behind four walls. 3) Your students need life-changing experiences to become the best of themselves do you!. 

Question: What will my students gain from the experience?
Answers: 1) Smiles, self-confidence, skills, a heightened environmental awareness, a sense of self-worth and value, increased knowledge on a variety of disciplines, a chance to unplug from social media and to hear their own thoughts again, time to reflect on their life's direction and purpose, and time to be a kid again...

Question: Your program leans toward the sciences, do I have to be a science teacher to bring a group? 
Answer: Not at all! Our teachers come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines including English, geography, art/photography/music, history, and athletics. While we have our own curriculum, we encourage input and additions to our weekly studies from our teachers.

Question: I've never sailed, snorkeled, or done a long trip with my students before. Is that a problem? 
Answer: Most of our teachers and students are first-timers when it comes to living and traveling on a sailboat, so no worries! We love showing people the sailing life and we love teaching people new things and we'll help you every step of the way. By your second or third trip with us you'll know it all and be an "Old salt!"! Need us to meet you at the airport? We can do that! Need to know what to pack? We'll send a list! We've been doing this for over 22 years and can help with all your questions.

Question: What do you think I will get out of the trip? 
Answer: Everyone benefits from an escape from time to time. "Getting away from it all" refreshes one's outlook and gives new perspective to our life's purpose and direction. As adults, we sometimes stop growing and learning, forgetting the benefits of being pushed a bit out of our own comfort zones, eventually becoming ineffectual as educators. Everyone who comes on our trips goes away with new knowledge, a heightened sense of the world around them, and feeling better about themselves, things our students look to us to model.  Interacting with your students away from their normal environment may open your eyes to their alternate skills, abilities, interests, and quirks they may feel a need to hide when back home.  
Question: What will I be responsible for during the week? What will my work load be like? 
Answer: Once you arrive with your group we pretty much take over! We'll have meal plans and shipboard duties for the students to complete on a daily basis, but if you'd like to sit on deck reading a good book or participate yourself, either is good with us. We'll be pretty much running the show from morning until dinner time and evenings are for board games or movies. Some teachers bring special assignments for their students and/or teach a lesson or two during the week, but all that's optional. We do look for your assistance at bed time getting your group settled and we do expect you to handle any discipline issue (Keel hauling and walking the plank are available), but that's a rarity on Boundless! 

Question: What's my cost for the trip? 
Answer: That's easy, nothing, free, even including your airfare! By acting as the trip coordinator and our intermediary with students and their parents, you attend at no cost and... we'll still feed you! In turn you'll promote the trip (we'll send you flyers/applications), collect deposits/balances, hold an informational meeting if needed, and provide answers to parent/student questions and concerns that come up. Six students are required for each trip and to receive your free trip and airfare. 

Question: Can I bring an additional teacher or my spouse? 
Answer: We prefer to have as few adults on board our trips as possible, so that the students feel ownership of running the boat and all responsibilities. However, you may bring another teacher or spouse if you prefer. The second teacher/spouse may come at no cost other than covering their own food and airfare. They're welcomed in all the activities/responsibilities of the week. 
Question: What's my next step in putting a trip together? 
Answer: The first step is always contacting DDSA or Capt. Jeff to talk dates. You can check our web site calendar, but it changes constantly. Often, even if your desired dates are taken, we can work something out. Once we set your trip date, we'll send you flyers and applications so you can begin promoting your trip. You or your school are under no obligation to filling a trip until you have received deposits from all six students attending, so there's never anything to lose by promoting your trip to judge interest level. If this is your first trip with us there will be tons of questions, so feel free to ask away!
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