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Does your school do trips to Washington DC?


Join us for a 7-day historic sail from the mouth of the Potomac River into the heart of our Nation's Capitol and live history      each day of your trip instead of just viewing it!


  • The Potomac River is 405 nautical miles long and is 11 miles across at its widest point.

  • It flows into the largest estuary in the United States, the Chesapeake Bay.

  • It is 90 nautical miles from the mouth of the Potomac River to Washington DC.

  • Maryland's first settlement, St. Mary's City, was founded in 1630, lays at the mouth of               

the Potomac and will be our first destination.

  • President George Washington's home at Mount Vernon, another one of our stops, sits high on a

hill overlooking the Potomac River.

  • There are 17 museums and galleries that are part of the Smithsonian Institution including the National Museum of African American History, the National Air and Space Museum, the American Art Museum, the Freer Gallery of Art, and the National Museum of Natural History to name a few.  We will visit as many as possible!



Day 1: We will meet at the Coan River Marina in Lottsburg, Virginia to board Boundless, your floating home for the week and the start of your adventure! You will pick your bunk, stow your personal gear and have a safety briefing led by Capt. Jeff before leaving to set sail across the lower Potomac River for St. Mary's, Maryland!  Upon our arrival, we will drop anchor and go for a swim before fixing dinner aboard while watching the sunset over the water. We will sleep aboard Boundless for the night to get rested for our walking tour of Historic St. Mary's City in the morning. 


Day 2: After breakfast, we will take the inflatable dinghy ashore to Historic St. Mary's City to be greeted by its inhabitants dressed in 17th century period costume! St Mary's City was founded in 1630 and is being rebuilt as archeological sites are discovered. We will do a self-guided walking tour visiting the Dove, a 17th replica of a trading ship, Sir Nuthead's print shop, an indigenous people's hamlet, and more before setting sail for St. Clement's Island to search for buried treasure!  


Day 3: Sailing further north on the Potomac River, following Capt. John Smith's exploratory route in 1603, we will anchor off St. Clement's Island and dinghy ashore to search for buried treasure! Using hand bearing compasses and a map, we will search for "treasure" buried by Capt. Jeff on a previous voyage before we set sail and continue up the Potomac towards DC.

Day 4: Today we arrive to anchor in front of Mount Vernon, home of the first President of the United States, George Washington! Hopping into the inflatable, we will tour the grounds of George Washington's historic home that overlooks the Potomac River. Later in the day we finish the travel part of our adventure and sail the remaining miles into the heart of Washington DC, anchoring within sight of the Washinton Monument! 


Days 5 and 6:  After a full, hot breakfast on board Boundless, we will dinghy ashore to explore the sites of our nation's capital! Doing mostly self-guided walking tours, you can go where your interests take you and spend as much time as you like in each location. There is lots to explore including the Smithsonian Institute's Air and Space Museum, Museum of Natural History, the Hirschhorn Art Museum, and much more. For lunch we will grab something from a street vendor and eat along the 2000' Reflecting Pool that runs between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial! As you walk from museum to museum you can stop at monuments along the way such as the Washington Monument, The Vietnam War Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the Capital, or the Jefferson Memorial.


Day 7: If time allows before your flight, bus, train or car departure time, we will spend as much of the day as possible continuing our exploration of Washington DC until it is time to leave. Before departing Boundless, we will do a final de-briefing of the week's adventures, share our favorite experiences, and say goodbye to a week of exploration and unforgettable memories! 

Life aboard Boundless...
A combination of learning, exploration, discovery, and great food!



  • Our Discover Washington DC trips run in the spring and fall.

  • We recommend reserving your trip dates six months to a year ahead of time (less is possible).

  • We take just six students per trip and with six students, up to two teachers may attend at no cost!

  • Costs include all meals on Boundless, fuel, dockage fees, a bunk, entrance fees to Historic St. Mary's and Mount Vernon, instruction and educational materials. Some out of pocket expenses for meals ashore, souvenirs, and personal items are required.

  • We can make arrangements to meet you at the airport or send you detailed, easy to follow instructions on how to meet us at our pickup locations. Trips begin and end either at the Coan River Marina at the mouth of the Potomac River or in Washington DC.  

There is a lot of pre-planning involved so, CONTACT US TODAY for Washington DC spring or fall trips!

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