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There are over 700 islands in the Bahamas, most of them uninhabited. The only way to reach

these islands is by private yacht!


Each day we will sail to a different, uninhabited island to explore its white, sandy beaches and snorkel in the surrounding crystal clear waters. Jump off the boat and swim over coral reefs and towering coral heads while observing tropical fish, aquatic plants, giant sea fans, sponges and more! After your incredible day of exploration, enjoy a delicious dinner aboard Boundless, watch the sunset over the ocean, and

wait for the stars to fill the night sky!

  • Hands-on, educational adventures for MS-HS-College students and their teachers.

  • Or, come as a family or a group of friends looking for an amazing, memory creating, getaway together!

  • Explore places unreachable by the tourist crowd, leaving only your footprints behind.

  • Learn navigation, astronomy, marine science, meteorology, leadership, seamanship and more…

Our Bahamas sailing adventures take place November thru May.

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