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What we teach

During our educational sailing adventures it's all hands-on! Students take the wheel, raise sails, drop anchors, and prepare meals for one another. Lessons in navigation, meteorology, marine science, astronomy, solar/wind energy, and journaling, combine with seamanship skills, leadership and team-building.  A teacher/leader comes for free with just six students plus, you will earn a $500 personal stipend and a $500 travel stipend for a total of $1000 for putting your trip together! 


STEM Elements

During the week there will be studies in Marine Science, Astronomy, Navigation, Meteorology, and Energy monitoring using on board solar, wind, and fossil fuel technologies. Physics on why boats float and how to raise/lower an 88 pound anchor on 300 pounds of chain are discussed as well.


Hands-On Boating

Gain hands-on experience in boating skills including steering, following a compass, raising and lowering anchors, setting sails, dinghy and outboard operations, seamanship skills (line handling, knot tying), moving safely about a sailing vessel, and boating safety. 


Life Skills

Learn how to live and work in a communal environment. Groups prepare meals, wash dishes, and do daily boat maintenance such as sweeping, emptying the trash, and cleaning bathrooms and windows, taking care of themselves, the boat and each other!


Environmental Impact

By learning and using proper snorkeling techniques, students will appreciate, respect, and explore the marine environment without leaving a negative impact.  Observing both healthy and unhealthy undersea life creates awareness of naturally occurring and human-induced effects on our environment. Trash and waste management aboard a travelling sailing vessel is practiced.


Personal Development

Teamwork is essential aboard a sailing vessel and most activities involve group participation.  Students will work together to carry out the duties and responsibilities of Captain, First Mate, Deck Crew, and Navigators.  Practicing these skills in a supportive, encouraging atmosphere leads to increased self-esteem, confidence, and a sense of self-worth.

Journal/reading time is also provided for times of personal reflection.


Customized Plans

We love teacher input and we'll work with you to set the direction for learning based on your group's unique needs and interests.  Are you an English teacher wanting student time for reading or journaling? A photography teacher looking to use certain times of day for the right light for picture taking? A science teacher wishing to bring your own experiments to conduct underway? We can accomodate these and studies are always welcome! 

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