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  • How much does a trip cost?
    Student trips start at $1,695 per person plus travel to and from our vessel Boundless. The attending educator/trip coordinator comes for free and additionally will receive two stipends, a $500 personal stipend and a $500 travel stipend. Between the two stipends, the teacher/coordinator should be able to cover all their own travel expenses plus some. Substantial discounts are available to repeat schools, multiple groups, and certain times of year, so just ask. Adults & Family Trips range from $5,500 - $7,500 per week for 4 travelers. Two additional guests can be added for $300 per person.
  • What should I pack?
    On all trips, pack using soft luggage only. Please, no hard suitcases, bags with wheels or telescoping handles. Storage room on board is limited and most people bring too much so, pack light. Also, do not bring/wear black soled shoes or sneakers as they will leave marks on the boat. A more complete packing list will be provided ahead of your departure date. For Bahamas trips, you will need to bring your own mask, fin, snorkel set and a full 3ml wet-suit is recommended for trips January through March. Passports are required for entering/leaving the Bahamas.
  • What's it like to live aboard a boat for a week?
    We like to call it Luxury Camping! While you will be comfortable for a week aboard, some adjustment from land life is necessary. We think you will find the adjustment well worth it in exchange for a week where you’ll see and do things only available on board a sailing vessel. We do conserve our energy and fresh water consumption, but there’s plenty of power available for normal use and lots of water for drinking and meals. To conserve our supply, we wash dishes in salt water followed by a fresh water rinse and shower up on deck in bathing suits using seawater followed by a warm, fresh water rinse. Berths are a little narrower than you’re used to at home, but comfortable. There's one private cabin and one open location for couples to sleep together and several single bunks. There are two heads (bathrooms) on board, a full galley (kitchen) complete with stove/oven, refrigerator/freezer, TV/DVD player, and 13 possible sleeping bunks. We carry all the fuel, fresh water, and food we will need for your week aboard.
  • What does the trip cost include?
    Costs for our educational student/teacher trips include all meals, fuel, activity fees, entrance fees, use of on board equipment such as kayaks and dinghy, instruction and educational materials. For our New York City trips, Broadway show tickets are included! Shoreside activities and meals ashore vary greatly on Family/Friend trips and are the responsibility of guests. Costs do not include travel/transportation to and from the boat and to our meetup/drop off locations. Ariport/train-bus station pickup can be arranged for an added fee. Sleeping bags, cookware, tableware, cutlery, and basic condiments are all included.
  • Can we drink alcohol and/or smoke on the boat?
    Adult trips: We do not supply alcoholic beverages; however, you may bring your own. Excessive drinking or drunkenness is discouraged aboard, and we suggest a limit of 1-2 drinks per day. Boundless is a non-smoking vessel. If you smoke, you will probably not be happy on your trip, as smoking is not permitted on board and we cannot make accommodations for you to go ashore.
  • What are the steps to put together a trip?
    The very first step is always contacting us to talk dates. Available trip dates change weekly, so this is always step one. Once we set your trip date, we will send you flyers and applications so you can begin promoting your trip. You are under no obligation to fill a trip before you have received deposits from everyone attending, so there's never anything to lose by promoting and talking up your trip to judge interest level. If this is your first trip with us, there will be tons of questions, so ask away! We can do phone chats, texts, and/or video meetings to exchange information and get all your questions answered.
  • I've never sailed or done a long trip with students before. Is that an issue?
    Most of our teachers and students are first-timers when it comes to living and traveling on a sailboat, so no worries! We love showing people the sailing life, we love teaching people new things, and we'll help you every step of the way. By your second or third trip with us you'll know it all and be an "Old salt!"! Need us to meet you at the airport? We can do that! Need to know what to pack? We'll send a list! We have been doing this for over 26 years and can help with all your questions.
  • Do I have to be a science teacher to bring a group?
    Not at all! Our teachers come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines including English, geography, art/photography/music, history, and athletics. While we have our own curriculum, we encourage input and additions to our weekly studies from our teachers.
  • What will I be responsible for during the week?
    Once you arrive with your group we pretty much take over! We will have meal plans and shipboard duties for the students to complete on a daily basis, but if you'd like to sit on deck reading a good book or participate in the activities yourself, either is good with us. We will be running the show from morning until dinner time and evenings are for board games or movies. Some teachers bring special assignments for their students and/or teach a lesson or two during the week, but all that's optional. We do look for your assistance at bed time getting your group settled and we do expect you to handle any discipline issue (Keel hauling and walking the plank are available), but that's a rarity on Boundless!
  • Can I bring an additional teacher or my spouse?
    We prefer to have as few adults on board our trips as possible, so that the students feel ownership of running the boat and all responsibilities. However, you may bring another teacher or spouse if you prefer. The second teacher/spouse may come at no cost other than covering their own food and airfare. They are welcome to participate in all the activities of the week.
  • Why should I travel and sail with my students?
    1. Sharing adventures with your students and letting them know you outside the classroom builds bonds and connections not possible in other ways, increasing your effectiveness as an educator. 2. Outdoor education shows students that learning is everywhere they are, not just within the four walls of a classroom. 3. Your students need life-changing experiences to become the best of themselves do you!.
  • What's my cost for the trip?
    That's easy, nothing, free, even including your airfare! By acting as the trip coordinator and our intermediary with students and their parents, you attend at no cost and... we will still feed you! In turn you will promote the trip (we'll send you flyers/applications), collect deposits/balances, hold informational meetings if needed, and provide answers to parent/student questions and concerns that come up. Six students are required for each trip and to receive your free trip and airfare. Book your airfarie, send us the receipt, and you will receive prompt reimbursement.
  • What will I get out of the trip?
    Everyone benefits from an escape from time to time. "Getting away from it all" refreshes one's outlook and gives new perspective to our life's purpose and direction. As adults, we sometimes stop growing and learning, forgetting the benefits of being pushed a bit out of our own comfort zones, eventually becoming ineffectual as educators. Everyone who comes on our trips goes away with new knowledge, a heightened sense of the world around them, and feeling better about themselves, things our students look for us to model. Interacting with your students away from their normal environment may open your eyes to their alternate skills, abilities, interests, and quirks they may feel a need to hide when back home.
  • What will my students gain from the experience?
    Smiles, self-confidence, skills, a heightened environmental awareness, a sense of self-worth and value, increased knowledge on a variety of disciplines, a chance to unplug from social media and to hear their own thoughts again, time to reflect on their life's direction and purpose, and time to be a kid again...
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