What we teach...

Educational Elements: During the week there will be studies in Marine Science, Astronomy, Navigation, Meteorology, and Energy monitoring using on board solar, wind, and fossil fuel technologies, plus personal journal time.

Life Skills elements: Students are responsible for cooking meals, post meal clean-up, overall daily boat maintenance (floors swept, trash emptied, windows washed, bathrooms cleaned), and will learn how to live and work in a close, communal environment.

Hands-on skill/knowledge development elements: Participation in every operation of Boundless in this entirely hands-on program.  Students will gain experience in boat handling skills including steering, learning to follow a compass, raising/lowering anchors, setting/lowering sails, dinghy/outboard operation, overall seamanship skills (line handling, knot tying), learning how to safely move about a sailing vessel, and the use of life vests and other accessible on-board safety equipment.

Environmental knowledge, awareness, and protection: By learning and using proper snorkeling techniques, students will appreciate, respect, and explore the marine environment with zero negative personal impact. Observing both healthy and unhealthy undersea life creates student awareness of naturally occurring and man-induced effects on our environment.

Self-esteem, Leadership, Team building element: Most activities involve group participation with teamwork being an essential element in everything we do.  Students are assigned the daily rotating positions of Captain, First Mate, two Deck Crew, and two Navigators, providing each student with the opportunity to fulfill multiple positions of responsibility and leadership. Self-esteem and a sense of self-worth come from the accumulation of acquired new knowledge and skills and by the supportive, encouraging, positive atmosphere created by Capt. Jeff and the crew aboard Boundless.

Want to add something of your own? We welcome teacher input in everything we do! Feel free to bring additional lesson plans, studies, or equipment and we’ll include it in your week.