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Adults & Family Trips

Looking for more than an ordinary getaway to recharge with? Do you value experiences over things? Then come spend a weekend or a week with us sailing on Boundless! Our Family/friends/adult trips can be as educational or as laid-back and relaxing as you would like. Want to snorkel a coral reef, hike to a lighthouse, explore an uninhabited island, or just sit back and watch the sunset?  Destinations include: The Bahamas, Chesapeake Bay, Maine, New York City, and Washington DC. Contact us for options and we'll design the perfect week for your sailing escape!


Close Hauled

This is our most popular, value packed option as your group becomes the First Mate aboard Boundless!  Since Capt. Jeff will not be hiring a First Mate for your trip, your costs are reduced considerably.  What are the duties of First Mate, you ask?  As First Mate your group fixes all meals on board and cleans up afterwards, just like being at home.  (Don’t forget your Captain; he needs to eat, too!)  There will also be times when you will be asked to help raise the anchor, haul the dinghy, and participate in operating Boundless. On your arrival day, you will grocery shop to stock Boundless with fresh food and you will be met by Capt. Jeff at the dinghy dock to ferry your goods to Boundless at anchor. You will only purchase fresh food for the week as all condiments are included and already on board.  

 Cost: $5,900/week plus food for up to four people.


Beam Reach

This option includes everything in our Close Hauled package with the addition of Boundless being fully stocked with food when you arrive!  This allows for a quicker departure from our anchorage on your first day and a quicker start on your vacation as you won't be grocery shopping before you board Boundless. Your group will still act as First Mate for the week (cooking/clean-up) and meal preferences can be discussed ahead of your trip.  We recommend you do online ordering with one of the local grocery stores (online ordering not available on Bahamas trips) before you arrive or send us a shopping list in advance.  Capt. Jeff will then take a taxi to pickup your order, deliver it to Boundless, and have everything stowed by the time you come aboard!                                Cost: $6,200/week for up to four people plus grocery costs. 


Broad Reach

Would you rather watch the sunset while someone else prepares dinner and cleans up after meals? Our Broad Reach option includes the addition of a First Mate on board who will assist Capt. Jeff in the operation of Boundless and who will also fix meals during the week.  If you’d still like to take the wheel, raise the sails, or simply fix a salad while our First Mate is preparing dinner, we welcome all levels of involvement. Cost: $7,600/week plus food for up to four people.

Traveling solo? Contact us for a special solo rate and have Boundless to yourself! Or, join up with an already booked group of fellow adventurers and make new friends. 

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