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Chesapeake Bay

  • Come spend a few days or a week sailing aboard Boundless as we explore the coastal towns and islands of the Chesapeake Bay! The Chesapeake Bay is the largest estuary in the United States and the third largest in the world, so there are plenty of places to explore and discover!

  • Enjoy a great seafood dinner ashore at one of the Chesapeake's finest seafood restaurants, then watch the sunset from the deck of Boundless. You will have time to read, relax, or stroll historic towns like St. Michael's, Crisfield, or Historic St. Mary's City to be greeted by its inhabitants dressed in 17th century costume.

  •   During your week aboard Boundless you may sail to St. Clement's Island to search for buried treasure using a map and compass or cross over the waters to look for fossilized sharks' teeth in the sand!  

  • On our middle school and high school educational adventures, you will learn about early and modern navigation, meteorology, environmental issues affecting the Bay and have the chance to raise the sails and take the wheel to steer us to our next destination!

  • The Chesapeake Bay is a fabulous destination for families, friends, and scouting trips, too! 

Chesapeake Bay trips are available each year in the spring and fall.

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