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Transporting Boundless

Sail with Captain Jeff and learn the ropes of what it takes to move the Boundless from one area to another.

These extended trips lasts 2-4 weeks and are ideal for an experienced sailor or adventurous novice!

Each season we have to get Boundless from one major geographical location to another to get in position for upcoming educational sailing adventures. These trips often cover several hundred nautical miles, often with portions offshore in the Atlantic Ocean, and sometimes they include multi-day, overnight sailing. Making great mileage each day is our goal, so these trips keep us on the move! We may stop and explore a town we are anchored off of for the night, but these trips are mostly leaving before first light, traveling 12-16 hours a day, and then anchoring for the night or sailing through the night. These types of trips are called "Deliveries" and require strength of character, endurance, and the ability to maintain a positive, uplifting attitude when tired. The boat and its needs come first, the other people on board second, and your own needs last! With that understanding, we would be glad to have aboard and to accomplish something sailors of many years rarely have the chance to participate in.

Every year is different although we often are delivering Boundless from Virginia to Maine in June and from Maine back to Virginia in late August or September. In October/November we sail from Virginia to the Bahamas and return again in the late spring around April/May.


Costs for our delivery trips vary so contact us, but will include instruction in weather and route planning, chart planning both paper and electronic, anchoring techniques in a variety of situations, right of way rules, offshore preparations, maintenance and repairs underway, and watch keeping. 

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