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Washington DC

Join us for a 7-day historic sail from the mouth of the Potomac River into the heart of our nation's capitol and live history each day of your trip instead of just viewing it!

Your trip starts at the mouth of the Potomac River where it flows into the largest estuary in the U.S., the Chesapeake Bay. On your first day, we will sail across the Potomac to Historic St. Mary's City, Maryland's

 first settlement to be greeted by its inhabitants in 17th century costume. We will tour the grounds to the tobacco plantation, Native American hamlets, Sir William Nuthead's print house, ending with a tour of The Dove, a replica of a 17th century sailing trade ship.


The next few days we will sail up the Potomac, anchoring each night and exploring St. Clement's Island and spending a day tour at Mt. Vernon, home to President George Washington.

Sailing into downtown Washington DC, we will anchor within sight of the Washington Monument and go ashore to explore and tour our nation's capitol. During the next couple of days, we will tour national monuments, the Smithsonian Museums, art galleries, the Museum of Natural History, the Vietnam War Memorial, and much, much more!


 This is an adventure for everyone! Whether you're a scout group, a family, a group of friends looking to build memories together, or a teacher looking to bring history alive for your middle school or high school students, this is a trip not to be missed! 

Boundless sails to Washington, DC in the spring and fall of each year.

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