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National Science Teacher's Association members travel FREE this summer!

Our sailing vessel Boundless in the Bahamas!

Where will your next adventure take you?

Picture this.

Exploring uninhabited islands with not even a footprint in the sand around you.

Sailing the open waters with the wind and the ocean air blowing in your face.

Gazing up at night to see a sky full of stars as far as the eyes can see​.

Sound amazing?  Because it is!

Directing students to be explorers

Come Sail
With Us

Our adventures are like no other.  Sail with us and YOU get to be the Captain!  Every crew member will take a turn at the wheel and gain hands on experience.

While exploring, you will also learn things like:




Solar and wind energy

Marine science

Leadership and team work

You'll have so much fun, you'll forget you're actually learning!

Even working aboard a sailboat is fun!
The substitute for social media!


Maybe it's exploring the majestic, rocky coast of Maine where you'll whale watch as we navigate our way to uninhabited islands, lighthouses and small, picturesque towns.

Or maybe it's an uninhabited island in the Bahamas where you can explore its white, sandy beaches and snorkel in the surrounding crystal clear waters.

Check out all the possibilities of where your next adventure could take you!

Ship's Wheel

Norfolk Collegiate School

"We've been doing trips with DDSA for over 21 years! Our teachers and students are always well cared for and treated with respect by Capt. Jeff and crew!"

Our Story

Everyone has a story. Ours has been full of adventure!

Captains Jeff and Liz
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